Architectural plans

What is Architecture?

In Simple words it is an art and science of designing the structures of building and places, such as Houses, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls etc., and the person who design these structure is known as Architecturer. It require lot of detailing in the work of designing an Architectural project. Every step require careful thought for safety and day to day comfort.

Process flow of Architectural work:

  • Schematic Design.
  •  Design Development.
  •  Construction Documents.
  •  Bidding
  • Construction

Schematic Design:

In this step an Architecture gather all the information need to start an project, he/she will look for the needs, style and wants for the project and design two to three Architectural design and present to the client for his/her review and takes the feedback and get confirm the design for the upcoming project.

Design Development:

In this step an Architecture start designing the project and takes the approval on the design concept. If there are any changes needed then the client needs to communicate it to the architecture in this phase.

Construction Documents:

In this step contractor will receive the construction documents of that particular project. A detailed drawings and clear points will be provided by the Architecture to the contractor to follow when building.


In this step Client and Architecture looks for a contractor to complete their project at the reasonable price with high efficiency and on time deliverables. Contractor will receive the job bid by the client, which has the details of the project. It consist of construction document and technical specifications.


Once you have finalized your contractor then the construction work begins. Architecture will be available through out the construction to help the contractor to know about the specification and technical information.

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